Finds Processing at University of Leicester, November 2014

Following on from a busy Summer and Autumn getting out and about in Leicestershire undertaking fieldwork, we headed to the School of Archaeology & Ancient  History to discover how we record what we have found.

Wendy Scott (Finds Liaison Officer) led the group in looking at the Historic Environment Record, to help us understand the importance of consulting the adding to the record.  Working with Wendy we discovered what information the record held about one of the sites we visited this year; Slawston.

With the information from the HER we discovered a rich history in the area around the location of our Fieldwalking meeting.  With this knowledge we then looked at the finds we had collected in October.

Volunteers from the Charnwood Roots Project joined us to show us how to identify finds, to see what period of history they were from and their uses.  We discovered the different technologies from different period in time could help us to identify how old a piece of pottery was.  Whilst parents helped to wash the last remaining finds, we started to work through the many finds from Slawston to discover that we had collected Roman, Medieval and Post-medieval periods.

At the end of the meeting we completed our own Record sheets to note what we had discovered during our fieldwork in October, to add our discoveries to the Historic Environment Record for future Archaeologists to learn from our hard work.

HER Activity – Data              HER Activity – Map               HER Activity

Finds Processings – Record sheets

Pottery Guide            Flint Guide               Roman Tile Guide

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