Fieldwalking at Slawston, October 2014

On a foggy morning in October 2014 we ventured out to south-east Leicestershire, to the small village of Slawston.  We heard how Leicestershire Fieldworkers had been fieldwalking in the village earlier in the week and found many finds including Roman Pottery and Roman Intaglio ring.

Volunteers from the Hallaton Fieldworkers group met us on site to demonstrate the use of Megnetometry and what had been discovered in the village earlier that week.  We then undertook a fieldwalking survey in a field to the south of the village.

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What is fieldwalking?

Fieldwalking is when a team walks in lines up and down a ploughed field , looking for signs of past human activity such as pottery or flint tools.  These items are collected and their location within the field recorded.

What is the purpose of fieldwalking?

Fieldwalking is a method used to survey an area which might have some archaeological interest.  The distribution/spread of the artefacts could be used in indicate where past human activity took place.  With Loddington, it can show how the village settlement has changed over time.

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