Day Three

Wednesday 24th July, 2013

Today represents the mid-point of my time on this site, whilst my aching muscles know this I can’t quite believe how quickly this week is going!

Thankfully the weather has treated us better today and I could return to the section I started work on Day One.  Because the section was too narrow to see what was going on I needed to widen it from 0.5m to 1m.  Working with a mattock I carefully cut though a layer of discarded rubble that included broken cut stonework, rusty nails, pottery, lead window cane (the bits of metal that hold the bits of glass together on stained glass windows) along with discarded floor tiles. Finds were in abundance in this layer which looked increasing like the remains from when the priory was dissolved, although at this stage we are still investigating the site.  My favourite finds from this area has to include the floor tiles with their colourful and complex designs (those that attended our visit to St Mary de Castro will remember the beautiful tiles still in the church today).  Along with these I was also finding Medieval glass, probably from the windows in the church.  Being very fragile, finding remains of the windows is a special thing as the remains can be so easily confused with charcoal in the ground.  The difference is that the glass does not mark the skin when gently applied.  The remains are so fragile that they need to be quickly bagged with water to keep them preserved, otherwise they crumble very quickly and end up resembling black sugar!

After another day of hard work I am gradually starting to understand what may potentially be happening in my little section of the site, tomorrow I hope to return to it and get to the bottom of what is going on, quite literally! 🙂

On to Day Four!

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