Day One

Monday 22nd July, 2013

Today I reported to Mathew Morris on site with a mixture of excitement and nervousness.  Mathew explained the aims of this years dig,  to investigate the speculated plan created after last years dig and to maybe even find what was on the site before the grey friars arrived in the 13th Century.  With a tour of the site to see all that had been discovered so far, including a potentially 600 year old stone coffin, further walls to the south of the church and further burials, I was given my task.  At the east end of the church there is an area that had been disturbed in the past.  A section (which is like cutting a slice of cake through the ground) had been started, measuring 1m wide by 4m in length and I was to continue the work.  It was very hard work on such a hot and sunny day, but what I found along the way was very rewarding.  I discovered areas of rubble which included glazed floor tiles, pottery, window tracery and the first discovery of Medieval glass on the site this year.   My favourite find of the day found mixed in with the rubble was a copper alloy letter “I”, in the same style as the letters discovered last year. This is a metal letter that would have once adorned a tomb.  At the end of the day it was clear that something was going on in my little area, whether that was the early signs of another burial or the remains of a robbed out wall (the hole left behind when a wall was demolished in the past and the stones reused elsewhere) was not clear.  As a result over the coming days the section will be extended to get a picture of just what is going on.

All I can say is what a fantastic first day of excavating!  In the coming days we will be lifting the lid on the stone coffin discovered late last year, further excavating burials and investigating a previously unknown building discovered to the south of the church.  I look forward to a busy week! 🙂

On to Day Two!

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