Who do you think you are? February 2014

Following on from the January activity when we were at the Leicestershire County Records Office in Wigston looking at the documentary evidence for the places where people lived, our February meeting at the University of Leicester looked at how we can get and use the information that relates to our ancestors – those people who lived before us, what they did, how things in the past shaped their lives and which in turn make us who we are today. 

We started off by doing a family history timeline activity, placing a series of events (not all dated, but dateable) from one person’s life into some sort of order. Following this we were given an interesting talk on the work of the Leicestershire and Rutland Family History Society by Brian Johnson. Brian also gave many useful hints and tips on staring your own family history research along with places and on-line resources that can be used to really develop your own research.

After Brian’s talk we had an activity looking at the census information relating to two Leicestershire families, one from Peatling Magna and the other one living in Leicester. Working in groups we looked at the records to see how and why the families changed and grew in the second half of the 19th century.  After this, the groups talked a bit about what they have discovered, not just about the families, but also to see if they can add some information about places and life at the time.

Towards the end of the session we had a show and tell, were our members had brought in items from their family history, even had their family trees to show us how far back they had managed to research so far.  Some even had stories about individual members of their family who had been in World War I and II, or earlier wars.  One of our members is trying to trace their family as far back to the Norman nobles who arrived with William the Conquer  in 1066.  

The meeting finished off with a family history question and answer session, with Brian on hand to give advice, opened up to all – young people and adults.

Thank you to everyone who brought in their family trees, it is amazing to see what you have been researching with your families and that you take pride in your family heritage.  Keep up the hard work 🙂

If you find anything else about your family you wish to share with us please do let us know?  May be we can add it to the YAC website for everyone to read?

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