‘Richard III DNA and Archaeology & Genetics’ , 10th May 2014

Location: School of Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Leicester

Themes: Richard III, Archaeology and Genetics

Websites: Richard III ProjectDr Turi KingDr Cas KramerGENIE

We were very lucky to have as our guest speakers Dr Turi King who led the DNA analysis for the Richard III project, and Dr Cas Kramer from the university’s Genetics Education project GENIE.

Our May meeting took place in the laboratories at the School of Archaeology & Ancient History and was organised by Archaeology Outreach Officer and also one of our Assistant Leaders, Debbie Miles-Williams.

It began with a great presentation by Turi on the DNA analysis for Richard III, followed on by a fun and educational practical delivered by Cas for extracting DNA from bananas! Our members much enjoyed wearing lab coats, bashing bananas and observing the strands of DNA that magically appeared in their test tubes! Turi then discussed Richard III’s DNA sequence and our members participated in a paper exercise to put together the fragments of DNA.  Completing the session members made their own DNA bracelets. It was a brilliant meeting and we all left knowing a bit more about what makes us who we are.

Many thanks to Turi and Cas.


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