Peatling Magna, January 2014

This is the second time that we have visited; the first being two years ago when we looked maps of Loddington and linked it to the evidence that was being found from the fieldwalking.

This time was all about getting to know some of the different document types that the records office holds.  We were fortunate to be able to visit the strong room and see just how documents are stored and to find out about what an archivist does.  We found out that there are about 5 miles of shelving and the earliest document held dates back to the early 13th century!

Apart from the opening activity of creating a human timeline of historical events (well done to all those involved!), the activities were all connected to the village of Peatling Magna and we found out how the village has “shrunk” and changed over the past two centuries; using evidence such as census returns, trade directories, maps and also stories and writings from the local people.  We even discussed how Peatling Magna residence in 1265 was the first group of people to take the King John of England to court (they did not win their case against the King).

A good morning was had by all and the archivist on duty said that she had enjoyed taking us around the strong room and answering our questions.

Why not sure some of the techniques used during this meeting to research your local area?

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