Christmas During War Time, December 2013

Today’s YAC meet focused on life during World War I and II, and how people celebrated Christmas in the Trenches and on the home front.

We visited the Trench, in Newarke Museum, to talk to Jed about life in the trenches .  During this time we could hear the sounds of the war in the back ground, and see the key tools of survival for the men on the front line.  I don’t think we expected to hear that their smelly socks were dried by wrapping them around their neck and under their jackets.

We then discussed the one and only Christmas True during  1914, where they played a game of football (we will not mention the score … England 2 : 3 Germany).  This only happened the once, and we discussed why it has never been repeated.  Why not watch this video Witness: The Christmas True

Steve then introduced World War II and Christmas on the Home front.  We compared our modern Christmas with loads of presents, plenty of turkey and our long holiday period, to the WWII Christmas.  Despite the rationing, bombing and families being separated, the British Spirit was not shattered, and as a nation we celebrated in true style.  We watched the Christmas Under Fire clip which described Christmas in war time Britain.

Following their make do attitude, we then went on to decorate the room in Newarke museum with our home made Christmas Decorations and made our own party hats  🙂 We divide into the food, which everyone had saved their ration tokens to purchase and we had loads of cake :-).

Unfortunately, we ran out of time to have the party games, but why not try them at home this Christmas with your family!

Special thanks to Jed for popping in to talk about life in the trenches during World War I.  To find out what else Jed gets up too, why not visit his websites Up and At’em and Post 62.


As it tradition with our December meeting, we like to have a mini tea party.  Thank you to everyone who went out of their way to find war time recipes and made some amazing cakes.  I  have loaded the link to some of the recipes below, but if anyone would like to share their kitchen secrets please send them in to and I will upload them here.

Carrot Cookies,   Eggless Christmas Cake,   No cook chocolate cake

Pictures of the day

Thank you to everyone who dressed up, you looked amazing 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On a final note, we would like to wish everyone so a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

See you in January 2014!

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