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Stonehenge and Other Historical Sites during 1914 -1918

Did you know that during World War I Stonehenge was the site of the worlds largest military training camp? …

The BBC have a short report and the stories of our most famous historical sites and what happened to them during 1914-1918.

Watch the BBC’s short video and photos of the day and life of our historical monuments during World War I.   Click on the link below.

BBC News: How Stonehenge Site Became the Worlds Largest Military Training Camp?

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World War I Road Show

Ever wondered what life was like during WWI at home? 

What was school like? 

How did your relatives get on with their every day life?

Do you want to know more about your relatives who lived during WWI?

Why not visit one of the WWI at Home Live Event which is touring around the UK, to find out for yourself.

This event reflects on the impact the war had on families and communities, as well as helping people to explore their own relatives’ links to the war

A dates for your diary

  • August 23-24: Leicester City Festival, BBC Radio Leicester
  • September 19 – 20: Nottingham, Nottingham Fields of Battle Exhibition

To find out more see World War I Road Show and BBC WWI Page

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March Meet – War Memorials

The notes and photos from March 16th Meet on War Memorials and Welford Road Cemetery is now ready for you read 🙂  Just click here

Please send me any photos of the day itself or of your local War Memorial.    I have attached a war memorial survey sheet for you to have a go at recording the important information about these sites.

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BBC WWI resourcs

The BBC has launched an amazig resource with short videos amd stories to do with World War I.

If you have a few minutes to spare why not have a look. Click here

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WW1 soldier diaries

WW1 soldier diaries have been published online. You can now read the accounts online for what life was like on the front line.

Follow the links below for more information

National Archives: diaries online
BBC News: WWI soldiers diaries

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Every Name Has a Story

Newcastle University student has posted a a step by step guide on researching the names found on War Memorials. Click here for the video of the guide. It is only 6 minuets.

Why not try this yourself with your local War Memorial, or a family relative you know served during WWI or WWII?

These sites below are a good starting point and used in the video clip above.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Ancestry (You do have to pay for this site. Get permission from your parents or guardians first).

Digital Memory Book

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Christmas at War Time


Today’s meet is well underway.  What was Christmas like in World War I and II.

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