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Stonehenge and Other Historical Sites during 1914 -1918

Did you know that during World War I Stonehenge was the site of the worlds largest military training camp? …

The BBC have a short report and the stories of our most famous historical sites and what happened to them during 1914-1918.

Watch the BBC’s short video and photos of the day and life of our historical monuments during World War I.   Click on the link below.

BBC News: How Stonehenge Site Became the Worlds Largest Military Training Camp?

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Stonehenge Landscape Discovery

17 new monuments have been found within the Stonehenge landscape in Wiltshire.  Archaeologist have used remote sensing over a 4 year project, to see what hidden pre-history secrets are still left to be discovered.


Read the article and see the maps on New Map Reveals Stonehenge’s Hidden Landscape

stone henge landscape

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The Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey

Watch this video to see the different types of graffiti our medieval ancestors did in their church.  What do you think this tells us about medieval society?
You Tube Video
Project Website

Would our modern graffiti survive?
What would future archaeologists think of it?

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Ancient Ruins as seen in space.

Ever wondered what some the worlds famous archaeological sites look like from above?

This article shows you the images taken by the satellites orbiting Earth.

How many sites do you recognise???

Ancient Ruins as seen in space

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Burrough Hill


The meet gets underway. Just having a talk about the history of the Iron Age Hillfort and the archaeological methods used here. Not long till we can start excavating!!

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