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9676fd5b394acac10860276603bd3995Wet weekend?

Looking for something to do?

Why not recruit the family and have a go at one of these games or quizzes…

Good Luck!

Download and print out


Celts Romans Vikings

History Runaround

Human Monuments



How to make a mummy

Archaeolgy Word Scrambles

Pharaoh Akhenaten Maze

Assyrian Winged Bull Maze

Statue of Zeus Maze

Puzzle Answers


Answers are at the back of each quiz

A little British History Quiz (test yourself on British History!)

All about Ancient Egypt Quiz (what do you know about Ancient Egypt?)

What did they write with Quiz (what did people write with before computers?)

Time Travelling Timothy Quiz (Can you work out where Timothy has travelled to?)

Saturnalia Quiz (what did the Romans do at Christmas?)

more coming soon…

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