Meets for 2019

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Upcoming Meetings

Sunday 17th March

The Terracotta Army

What is the Terracotta Army, how and why was it made, and who was it made for? These are the questions we will be trying to answer during this session, as well as building our own clay army.

Venue: University of Leicester

Saturday 6th April

Angry Architecture!

The curious Rushton lodge is not all it seems – join us to explore what buildings can show us about politics, religion and rebellion as we look at who built this unusual building and why.

Venue: Rushton Triangular Lodge

Saturday 18th May

Burton Overy Church Survey

One of the most important buildings in a village is its parish church. During this session we will visit St Andrew’s Church in Burton Overy. We will be surveying the building to try and work out its history.

Venue: Burton Overy

Sunday 16th June

Oakham Castle Excavation

We will return to take part in the 2nd community excavation at Oakham Castle. Last year we helped archaeologists make some exciting new discoveries and we hoped to do the same again.

Venue: Oakham Castle

Saturday 29th June

Bradgate Park Excavation

We will return to take part in the annual excavations at Bradgate Park for a final time. This is the last year of the project and it is planned that there will be more investigation of Lady Jane Grey’s home.

Venue: Bradgate Park

Saturday 13th July

Roman Family Fun Day

A day of Roman-themed craft activities and a chance to build Roman Leicester in Minecraft.

Venue: LCB Depot, Leicester


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