Meets for 2018

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Upcoming Meetings

Saturday 20th January

WWI Homefront Legacy Project

This YAC session will teach us more about the Home Front during the First World War with fun activities. Information will be sent home as well so members can get involved in the project recording Home Front sites in their local area.

Venue: TBC

Saturday 17th February

Cave paintings & rock art

Before TVs, books, and photographs, how did people record the world around them?

In prehistory, paintings on cave walls or images carved in to rocks – often of animals or hunting scenes – were a popular way of showing important events. In this session, we will learn why and how people created cave paintings and rock art, and have a go at creating our own.

Venue: University of Leicester

Saturday 10th March

The Bone Lab

Can you tell the difference between a dog and a fox from their bones? Or a frog and a toad, or an owl and an eagle?

The University of Leicester’s Bone Lab has a reference collection of over 600 specimens, and in this session, we will join Drs Richard Thomas and Holly Miller and have a go identifying different types of animals, birds, and reptiles from their bones.

Venue: University of Leicester

Sunday 15th April

LAHS History Fair

We will be at the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society’s 2018 History Fair at Beaumanor Hall. Join us at the event, which will include history displays, activities, family friendly games and much more.

Venue: Beaumanor Hall, Woodhouse

Saturday 12th May

Burton Overy Church Survey

One of the most important buildings in a village is its parish church. During this session we will visit St Andrew’s Church in Burton Overy. We will be surveying the building to try and work out its history and looking at who is buried in its church yard.

Venue: Burton Overy

Summer Activities

June: TBC

Sunday 1st July: Bradgate Park excavation and Open Day.

Sat 21st & Sun 22nd July: Test pitting at Market Bosworth.


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