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Discovering Roman tombstone’s at Jewry Wall Museum

Sunday 21st February at 11.30am

Our first meeting of 2016 sees us visiting Jewry Wall Museum as part of their 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

In this meeting we are going to look at Roman tombstones and the messages displayed in the imagery. Only one in ten people could read in the Roman world so we are going to look at these monuments as the majority of Romano-Britons would have done, without reading.

We are going to be thinking about the meaning of particular scenes and any cunning little details. This should tell us what the Roman people valued and how they wanted to be remembered. You will then have a chance to design your own Roman tombstone and model it in clay!

How to book: members, please book your place online no later than Thursday 18th February.

Charge: £1.50 per member

What to bring: This session will be based entirely indoors

Directions: Jewry Wall Museum is in Leicester City Centre close to Jubilee Square and the Holiday Inn. For further directions, the museum has a map on their website

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New Year and January Meet

Happy New Year to all our YAC members!  We hope you had a fantastic holiday and are keen to get back to discovering the secrets of Archaeology and History 🙂

Details of our meeting on Saturday 24th January at Charnwood Muesum.  For details visit Meets 2015, or check your newsletter which was emailed out this week.

If you have not received the newsletter, or would like to be added please email us on

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December Meeting

Reminder to book onto our December 13th meeting.  Please email us on

If you have not checked your emails, the venue has changed to Newarke House

The theme is the Romans so to get you in the mood take a look at this BBC page on the Romans.  Give the game ago.

Remember you can dress up if you want.

Also bring something nice for the table 🙂 for our mini end of year celebrations.

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November Meet

Just a reminder to book onto our November 22nd Meet on Finds Processing.  To book on please email us on

ALSO remember to fill in our YAC survey!

We would love your feedback on your experience of YAC this year.

  • What have we been doing well?
  • What could we do better?
  • What have you enjoyed the most?
  • What would you like us to do in the future?

Please complete our on-line survey

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Christmas at War Time


Today’s meet is well underway.  What was Christmas like in World War I and II.

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What is fieldwalking???


Todays meeting is well underway to.

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Fun and Games through the Ages


All set up at Jewry Wall. Make sure you pop in to say hi and see the owls. Make your own coin and play some Roman  games. If you have time have tea and cake.

Doors open 1130!!!

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