Richard III Visitors Centre

lots of excited faces ready for our visit today at the Richard III Visitors Centre. 

What will we discover?

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Building Reconstruction

Today Mike and Debbie are showing us how we look at reconstructing buildings from the past. We are thinking about the structures and materials to think about how they looked and were used by people in the past.

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Prehistoric burials

Today’s meeting is underway. Looking at what items people were buried with. What items would best represent you today?



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New Year and January Meet

Happy New Year to all our YAC members!  We hope you had a fantastic holiday and are keen to get back to discovering the secrets of Archaeology and History :-)

Details of our meeting on Saturday 24th January at Charnwood Muesum.  For details visit Meets 2015, or check your newsletter which was emailed out this week.

If you have not received the newsletter, or would like to be added please email us on

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December Meeting

Reminder to book onto our December 13th meeting.  Please email us on

If you have not checked your emails, the venue has changed to Newarke House

The theme is the Romans so to get you in the mood take a look at this BBC page on the Romans.  Give the game ago.

Remember you can dress up if you want.

Also bring something nice for the table :-) for our mini end of year celebrations.

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Finds Processing

Today we are at the University of Leicester processing our finds from the Fieldwalk at Slawston. Let’s see what treasures we’ve found!


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November Meet

Just a reminder to book onto our November 22nd Meet on Finds Processing.  To book on please email us on

ALSO remember to fill in our YAC survey!

We would love your feedback on your experience of YAC this year.

  • What have we been doing well?
  • What could we do better?
  • What have you enjoyed the most?
  • What would you like us to do in the future?

Please complete our on-line survey

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Stonehenge and Other Historical Sites during 1914 -1918

Did you know that during World War I Stonehenge was the site of the worlds largest military training camp? …

The BBC have a short report and the stories of our most famous historical sites and what happened to them during 1914-1918.

Watch the BBC’s short video and photos of the day and life of our historical monuments during World War I.   Click on the link below.

BBC News: How Stonehenge Site Became the Worlds Largest Military Training Camp?

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Famous Faces!

The team at Charnwood Roots have been in touch with us to share a lovely little video documenting Anstey’s Big Dig, which includes some familiar faces from Leicestershire YAC.  It’s certainly worth a look to find out what the group got up to in July.

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Anstey’s Big Dig Talk

Today we’re in Anstey to hear all about the Big Dig which took place in July.

This is a great opportunity to hear about what was discovered over the weekend and to hear more about the test-pits that were undertaken subsequently. We’re looking forward to hearing about how the project is progressing and particularly
how our YAC’s helped out over the two days!




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